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Pod offers vaults which optimally and passively grow your cryptocurrency holdings. Many Web3 apps provide rewards to users who take risk by staking and investing cryptocurrency into their protocols. For example, Curve is an app that allows users to deposit Bitcoin into their protocol and earn CRV tokens as rewards.

Pod vaults automatically sell these reward tokens to compound the original investment, producing the maximum return possible. Pod takes a fee for this service and distributes the fee to holders of the POD token. All rates shown on vaults are after the Pod fee. Vault users more than recoup the fee as Pod (1) optimally compounds their investments, (2) saves them network gas fees, and (3) provides convenience.

Pod is a decentralized organization created and led by its global community. Anyone can join simply by owning POD or participating on our public forums. We hope you will join us in our mission to make the world more open, honest, and equitable.

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Holdings Summary

Your Deposits: $2,030,201.20 (i) (pie chart icon - hover to see chart)

Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily
Your APY (i) 12.2% 1.1% 0.24% 0.01%
Your Income (i) $336,000.00 $28,000.00 $7,000.00 $1,000.00


Your Ownership: 10,000,000 POD (10.000%) (i) (pie chart icon hover to see chart) (i)

Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily
Your POD Dividends (i) $36,000.00 $8,000.00 $2,000.00 $300.00
Your Vault Fees (i) ($20,200.00) ($2,600.00) ($450.00) ($67.00)
Net Income from POD (i) $20,200.00 $2,600.00 $450.00 $67.00

Additional POD you require to earn back all of your vault fees: 1,200.12 POD ($1,402.20) (i) (Buy POD)


Can we have a setting that allows users to redirect vault income to a token of their choice?

Daily: $0.00
Yearly: $0.00